Jennifer ST.Pierre Photography
Photos By Jenny

Frontier Town Abandoned Theme Park Then And Now is a book project started by Jennifer ST.Pierre in 2010. The book was going to be just photography. It turned into something even better! Jennifer collaborated with former employee and historian Tammy Whitty-Brown on this book. They contacted as many of the former employees, volunteers and visitors as possible in order to create a fair representation of the history of Frontier Town in North Hudson, NY.

Millions of people visited Frontier Town. Although now a ghost town, in its heyday, Frontier Town was a key part of local economy in the Adirondacks. It was an educational theme park that inspired generations of children to take up farming and industrial trades as it helped fund education for teens headed to college or to work in their chosen fields. Many of the characters have gone on to become headliners or leaders in their fields. Their memories have been complied with photos that date back to the start of the theme park which inspired people such as Walt Disney to replicate the log town in California back in the 1950's.

This volume is available by pre-print orders only. The leather covers which may also be pre-ordered feature leather work by Mark Landon whose work is inspired by that of Clarence Canary who had taught Mark's father the art of leather work. Mark's father learned the trade from Clarence and then in turn, taught Mark. The beautiful covers are beautifully hand tooled and a lovely addition to the book.